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Covid -19 Corona Virus Safety

In an effort to protect our patients and our staff we will be following a very strict protocol.

1. Our waiting room and restroom are closed to patients and we will be letting in only a small amount of patients at a time to avoid any overcrowding of the office.

2.  Please wait in your car and call the office to notify us that you have arrived, we will come out and get you.

3. Before entering the office please put on a face covering mask, your temperature will be taken and your hands will be disinfected with hand sanitizer.

4. You will be taken to your room which has been sanitized using a virocidal agent for your safety.  All surfaces touched by patients must be sanitized.

4. We are also sanitizing the air using a germ guardian air system with UV-C

5.  Our staff will be wearing N95 facial protection as well as gloves and sanitizing between patients.

Please be advised that masks are required in our health care facility.